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Sworn - Rules

Postby Osebo » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:27 pm

Sworn - Rules

Here you can find complete rules for Sworn Raiding.

Do not let their length daunt you. The Council wanted to ensure that everything is explained and elaborated, and that everyone is treated equally and knows what is expected of them.

A commentary and some further explanation for the rules can be found in the second post.

Sworn Rules - Index
1. Sworn - Structure
-- 1.1 Sworn Council
-- 1.2 Sworn Knights
-- 1.3 Sworn Reserves
-- 1.4 Sworn Veterans
-- 1.5 Social membership
-- 1.6 <Sworn>
2. Applying and Leaving
-- 2.1 Applying to Sworn
-- 2.2 Stages of Membership
-- 2.3 Switching Characters
-- 2.4 Leaving Sworn
3. Behaviour Guidelines
-- 3.1 Working as a Group
-- 3.2 Roleplaying Policy
-- 3.3 Offences
4. Raiding
-- 4.1 Raid Schedule
-- 4.2 Attending Raids
-- 4.3 Bringing Alts
-- 4.4 Requirements for Raids
-- 4.5 Raid Etiquette
5. Loot Distribution
-- 5.1 General Rules
-- 5.2 Heroic and Mythic Raid Instances
-- 5.3 Guild Bank

1. Group Structure

1.1 Sworn Council

Sworn Raid Community is run by a four-person Council:
- Thanatros
- Vashine
- Shishigami
- Aeranis

The Council's role is to manage the group, organize all its activities and ensure swift decision making process.

Members who have any questions, concerns or suggestions are always welcome and encouraged to contact any member of the Council in-game or through a private message on the forum.

They will aim to answer all messages within 24 hours. If an answer will not be immediately available, the matter will be forwarded to other Council members for discussion, with a response coming as quickly as possible.

1.2 Sworn Knights

Sworn Knights form the core of the raid guild. They have the priority on raid places, but with it the responsibility to sign-up and be ready to attend at least 2 raids a week, most of the time.

It is understood that at times real life commitments might prevent members from being able to attend raids. In this case, they are kindly asked to inform the council by contacting a Council member, or posting on the forums.

Should your situation change, making you unable to attend raids regularly, please speak to a Council member about moving to a Reserve spot.

After 2 weeks of unexplained inactivity, or the consistent lack of sign-ups over a prolonged period of time, the member will be moved to the Reserve team automatically, and eventually to a Social status (see below).

1.3 Sworn Reserves

Sworn Reserves are for players who would like to be a part of our guild and participate in raiding, however do not have time to do so regularly due to real life commitments.

Reserves are expected to sign-up and be ready to attend at least 1 raid every 2 weeks.

It is understood that at times real life commitments might prevent members from being able to attend raids. In this case, they are kindly asked to inform the council by contacting one of the Council members, or posting on the forums.

Should your situation change, making you able to attend raids regularly, you are welcome to speak to a Council member about moving up to a Knight spot (providing they are available).

After 1 month of unexplained inactivity, the Reserve will be moved to a Social status.

1.4 Sworn Veterans

Independent to the Knight / Reserve / Social structure, the Veteran status exists as a token of respect to members who have been with us for a long period of time, and contributed to the Sworn cause in a manner exceeding the already high standards we expect our members to uphold. Veteran members receive increased Guild Bank access privileges.

1.5 Social Membership

Social membership involves the following:

- You will have access to these forums, and are welcomed to post in any threads.
- You will be free to attend any "unofficial" raids or groups that are organized on these forums or in the in-game calendar.

Social membership is mostly aimed at members who left and then want to return, but for whom we have no full membership spots available, and good friends of existing members of the raid group.

Management may offer Social status to applicants who we would like to have join Sworn, but we cannot accommodate with a full membership rank at that time. These members may (at management's discretion) be offered priority on any full spots that become available in the future.

1.6 <Sworn>

Knights, Reserves and Trialees must have their raiding character in Sworn. Please note that only your raiding main must be in Sworn. Alts are free to join but again, this is not mandatory.

Also note that any raiders will not be allowed to raid with other groups if the time conflicts with our own. Even if your minimum attendance requirements have been fulfilled, you are expected to give priority to Sworn raids. In short, if you're available during raid time, then you've got time to raid with Sworn.

2. Applying and Leaving

2.1 Applying to Sworn

In order to apply to our guild, prospective members are asked to read Sworn's Manifesto and Rules and complete and post an Application Form.

One of the Council members will aim to respond to all Applications within 24 hours, acknowledging the application. The Council will then discuss the application and respond with one of the following outcomes:

a) Accepted
Prospective member will be accepted on trial (more details below).
b) Pending
The Council will ask for more information and/or interview the prospective member before making a final decision.
c) Rejected
Reasons for rejection will be sent in a private message.

2.2 Stages of Membership

After being accepted into the guild as a raiding member, prospective members will be put on trial. They will be expected to sign-up to available raids, where their performance, as well their character and general attitude will be assessed.

There is a two week time limit to sign up for raids starting once a prospective member is accepted on trial. Not signing up within that limit or fulfilling attendance requirements will result in cancellation of the trial.

If there is a reason the trialee cannot sign up for a temporary amount of time during the trial period, it is the responsibility of the trialee to promptly notify a member of management and request an extension. Otherwise, the trial will be cancelled on schedule.

At the end of the trial period (generally around three weeks, depending on the amount of raids the trialee has attended) the Council will either promote the prospective member to Sworn Knight/Reserve (as appropriate), or reject his or her application (stating the reasons in a private message).

New members will be accepted to fill a specific main role: DPS, Healer or Tank and will be encouraged to keep and maintain a set of gear for any hybrid roles applicable to their class. Those who main a Healer or Tank role will frequently be requested to utilise a DPS offspec to ensure we have the ability to balance the group composition consistently.

Members will be expected to stay within the role they are assigned when they are accepted. In very rare cases a member may be asked to switch roles if there is a consistent lack of that role, but no member can be required to.

2.3 Switching Characters

Due to game progression being heavily dependent on gear progression, switching main characters will not be allowed, unless in very exceptional circumstances where the Council feels it will benefit the guild as a whole. The exception to this is at the start of new expansions, where the Council will initiate a post asking those interested in a change to register their interest. The Council will do its utmost to grant such wishes, but the overall composition of the raid team must take precedence.

If a prospective member knows that he or she will want to eventually switch their main to a character who is not ready for raiding yet, they should inform the Council of that when applying.

The Council might allow the member to switch his or her main character in this case, provided they agree to give other members priority on loot when playing their initial, temporary main. This will be at the Council's discretion.

2.4 Leaving Sworn

Members are free to leave the guild at any time.

Returning to the guild, provided the member left on good terms, will be at the Council's discretion and raiding status will depend on the availability of the appropriate class/role spots at the time.

If the member left on bad terms, they will not be invited back.

3. Behaviour Guidelines

3.1 Working as a Group

As started in Sworn's manifesto, raiding is a group effort, therefore our members are expected to always consider the interest of the group as a whole first.

In World of Warcraft, game progression relies heavily on gear progression. Sworn aims to give all its members an opportunity to gear up, nobody should feel left out at any point.

That means that often members might be expected to help others, especially the newcomers, whose equipment may not be very good yet.

3.2 Roleplaying Policy

Roleplaying is encouraged within the group.

Whilst members do not necessarily have to be active Roleplayers, everyone is expected everyone to respect and follow the server's Roleplaying policies.

Party and raid channels will be kept OOC in order to discuss strategies, and for other game related talk. However members are asked to remain IC at all times in the /say and /yell channels.

3.3 Offences

In any events of misbehaviour, the Council will issue a warning telling the member exactly what his or her offence has been and give them a chance to make amends.

Repeated offences might result in the removal from the guild.

Offences include:
- Abusive/insulting behaviour and bullying.
- Arriving to raids late and/or unprepared
- Breaking Roleplaying Policy
- Claiming Need on items outside the member's role in the group
- Elitism (shunning others because of their gear/spec)
- Missing raids a player has signed up to, without giving a reason
- Raiding with another Raid Group/Guild (casual raiding with friends/guild
members is allowed, provided it does not clash with our scheduled raids)
- Abuse of guild bank privileges
- Failure to comply with the rules as set forth in this document

4. Raiding

4.1 Raid Schedule

Our raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday.
The raids start at 19:30 and end at 23:00. Invites will start at 19:00.
The reason invites start half an hour before raids is because it takes time to invite everyone, compose the groups, assign healing, tanking and crowd-control jobs and get ready in general. Raid members are expected to be online on the appropriate character at invite time and travel there by their own means.
If you know you cannot be online at invite time make sure to inform the Council either in-game or on the forum, and make sure your character is present at the raid instance and ready to go. To encourage promptness, a small EP bonus will be given by the Master Looter at 19:15.

4.2 Attending Raids

Raids will be put on our Raid Calendar for sign-ups at least 7 days in advance. Sign-ups will be closed and the raid team announced at least 24 hours prior to the raid taking place.

The Council will be aiming for 24 hours notice, however it will largely depend on the members signing up well in advance.

The Council will be rotating the raid spots to give everyone an equal chance of attendance, and to ensure everyone attends at least their minimum

4.3 Bringing Alts

Members will not be allowed to bring their alts to officially organised raids, unless in exceptional circumstances when all bosses to be attempted during the raid are considered "on farm status," and the alt's equipment is deemed sufficient. This will always be at the Council's discretion. Full EP will be earned by players asked to bring alts, which can then be spent in future raids on their main characters.

4.4 Requirements for Raids

Members are requested to turn up on time, with equipment fully repaired, gemmed and enchanted, also with all reagents they might need and all consumables needed for a three and a half hour raid. The Guild Bank will endeavour to supply food buffs / flask buffs, but having a personal supply is always a good idea!

If a member is not in the raid instance by start time, and has not contacted the Raid Leader about being late, either in-game or on the forums, he or she will be replaced for the duration of that raid.

Certain Add-Ons will be required and Teamspeak will be used as means of voice communication.

4.5 Raid Etiquette

The Raid Leader will ensure that regular breaks will be taken, during the raid, so please do not go afk unless there is an emergency. Being late back from a break will mean forfeiture of the end of raid EP bonus!

When tactics are discussed by the Raid Leader, and when the loot is being distributed by the Master Looter, please do not interrupt them.

Displaying damage and/or healing meters results is not allowed.

5. Loot Distribution

5.1 General Rules

Loot will always be awarded in a way which will benefit the overall performance of the guild the most, to the classes who use it in their primary role in the group. Offspec rolls will be of lower priority than mainspec rolls, and will be considered on a case by case basis by the management team.

5.2 Heroic and Mythic Raid Instances

We use EPGP for our loot distribution. Every member is required to have the necessary addon (here) installed and ready before the raid. A separate post in this forum section explains the specifics of the EPGP system and our implementation of it!

5.3 Guild Bank

The guild bank is there to supply our members with materials, consumables, BoE items and so on. Access to the guild bank is limited due to account security concerns, and to ensure we have the resources available to provide food and flasks for the raid group. All members should be able to open the tabs and make deposits, and some tabs will be open for limited withdrawals, but you will need to ask a veteran or a member of the Council to make withdrawals from other tabs.
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Re: Sworn - Rules

Postby Osebo » Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:16 pm

Sworn Rules - Commentary and Explanations

1. Sworn Council
2. Sworn Knights/Reserves
3. Leaving Sworn
4. Working as a Group
5. Requirements for Raids
6. Attending Raids
7. Raid Etiquette
8. Loot Distribution
9. Group Bank

1. Sworn Council

Remember that the Council is there for the purpose of ensuring that things run smoothly, not to pose as an almighty source of authority.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Council with any issues or suggestions you might have.

We don't ever want to get to a situation where our members are deeply unhappy but we didn't know anything about it. Talk to us and we will do everything we can to deal with it.

2. Sworn Knights/Reserves

Balancing a Raid Group membership is a very difficult act.

We don't want to end up with a situation where raids are not happening because we don't have enough sign-ups, or where we are oversubscribed and members are unhappy since they aren't able to attend raids regularly.

That is why we require Sworn Knights to attend 2 raids a week, most of the time.

That does not, of course, mean always. We understand that real life always comes first, that things can come up and that people will want to take some time off.

We simply want people that we can rely on most of the time. If somebody's attendance is consistently very low, someone from the Council will have a word with that person, and if the situation doesn't change, they will be moved to a Reserve Spot.

All these rules are simply to ensure that the raids are happening, and do not have to get cancelled because of lack of people.

Remember that if your situation changes, you are welcome to speak to someone of the Council about changing from Knight to Reserve or from Reserve to Knight.

3. Leaving Sworn

We hope that a situation where a member leaves Sworn because they're deeply unhappy with the way things are will not have to occur. However, any member is free to leave Sworn at any time.

As already said above, speak to us and we will try to resolve any conflicts or problems that might occur.

4. Working as a Group

Raiding is a group effort. In order to both progress as a group, and to ensure everyone is having fun, we don't want anyone left behind.

Please remember that there will be times where helping others, especially newcomers, will be necessary, otherwise they will never be able to join more experienced players (in Heroic Instances, for example).

5. Requirements for Raids

Consumables are an essential part of raiding, and although they add to the cost of maintaining a raiding character, they really do make a significant difference. As such we provide flasks (and food if banquets are suitable) for the raid, but we expect everyone to have their own supply of consumables as well.

“Boom Pots” will be provided by the <Sworn> bank if and when we need them for a particular encounter, but we request members to keep their own collection for normal use.

6. Attending Raids

With Flexible raiding (Heroic) becoming the norm with Warlords, attendance will be open to all active raiders for a given night.

Those who main healer and tank roles will often have to fill a DPS role to ensure composition balance, and so should expect to do so regularly to keep sharp.

In some instances we may need to reduce to a more refined group for a particular progress boss. In these cases, the following questions are considered:

Who still needs to meet their minimum attendance?
Do we require a specific class/role for a fight mechanic?
Who has proven consistent in their attendance?

We will endeavour to continue to rotate members in for these progress nights, but this will vary on a boss by boss basis.

7. Raid Etiquette

While we don't require our members to be chained to their computers, we will be taking regular breaks throughout the raid, so if it's something that can wait (a bladder is very pliable as my biology teacher used to say *grins*), please do not go afk. However, if your roof is falling on your head, it's of course understandable (and has indeed happened during a particular Gruul raid. Ironically).

The reason why displaying damage/healing meter results in raids is banned is because:
a) We don't want to encourage the "I'm better than you" sentiments.
b) We don't want people to aim for highest dps above anything else as this often results in dead dps.
c) As with any type of statistics, they can be displayed in such way to prove any point.

8. Loot Distribution

The rules are pretty straight-forward, we think.

Simply behave as during any other instance, and only claim need on items that your character needs in his primary role.

With the requirement to maintain offspec gear for main healers/tanks we will have an increase in offspec interest for some pieces.

We will take each of these cases individually, and it will all depend on how much of an upgrade the item will be to them compared to other hybrids, and if there is any mainspec interest to be considered.

As for the EP system, the reason while we chose a fixed-price system, is because it eliminates the possibility of players fixing bids and ensures people do not end up paying wildly different prices for the same items.

9. Guild Bank

Players are always welcome to request the crafting items contained in the bank.

Just as with loot drops, certain characters and classes will have priority (for example tanks will get their resistance gear crafted first).

The Council will try to ensure that everything is distributed fairly.
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